Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busier than Iv'e ever been..but always time for a good book!

Sorry for the lack for posts, but it has been crazily busy.

I have been meaning to shre my expereiences of a book which has been my bed time reading for the past 4 weeks- 'The shack'. Now you may well have heard of this book, had friends who have read it, or seen it on the local Tesco bookshelf. I have resisted reading this book for quite a while because (a) I wanted to finish reading my previous book, 'Schooled'- a book about the private school system in Manhatten, and (b) because I was foolishly sceptical of it due to the amount of publicity. Silly me! How wrong could I be?! This book is amazing. Its one of the best books I read in a long time and I throughly recommend it. The bonus is its not very thick... and believe me you cant put it down!

There are many things that have touched and challenged me as a result, one of which I will discuss now. The idea of God as 'Papa' is quite special and so personal that it stares you in smack in the face. I have have considered God as 'Father' for a long time but this highlighted something different. The level of intimacy that God desires with me (Mack in the story) is so much more than I humanly thought possible, but thankfully through this book it has brought me into a place where it has broken my stereotypes of what I THINK God should be like, to actually allowing him to be my 'Papa'. Its radical I know, and some may be reading this thinking ' What on earth is she on'? I encourage you to read the book and experience a change of thinking and heart... I guarantee you will meet with your maker!

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My fantastic family

My fantastic family